Set Up Your Edelweiss360 Defaults and Preferences

You can find your Edelweiss360 preferences here:

The first thing you’ll see is Email Template Settings. You’ll be able to add default settings to a number of common email fields, as well as a few that are somewhat unique to Edelweiss360.

The ‘Reply To’ address can be overridden in any given campaign and the ‘From’ address is only required if you haven’t yet completed Domain Authentication.

The next few sections cover default wording for the different possibilities for portions of an email, including the sections that display titles, events, and customized Collections, as well as Buy/Preorder buttons.

Note that you can associate a URL with your store logo, which appears at the top of each campaign.

The “Titles Link to Customer360” is an option in which the Buy and Preorder buttons in your email can take customers to the customer-facing portion of 360. This side of 360 isn’t fully functional yet — Details to come! Settings for what customers see in that tool can be set in the next set of options, the Customer App Settings:

The Customer App is a separate but integral part of the 360 tools, in which your customers can see upcoming events, browse your shelves (what’s actually on your shelves even),  see staff picks and reviews, review titles on their own, create wishlists, and much more. It looks great too! Here’s a peek:

The “app” (it’s a website now, with the strong possibility of becoming a native app in the future) will be branded to your store, of course, and you can choose what areas your customers can use. More soon!

The next settings you can adjust are your Contact/Address/Hours. Pretty self-explanatory, and incredibly important! You want to make it easy for your customers to be able to reach you if they want, and to know when you’re open!

This (pretty important) information will be added to your outgoing emails.  This is an example of how this will be presented:

The Links portion here is extra important:

We can help you, initially, getting these links set up correctly, but you’ll mostly just want to use your website as your guide. Basically, you can go to your site and just view a title to see how your site lists titles. It will be/should be the same for all your titles (hopefully!). So, like in the example below, you’ll have a “base URL” to which you simply need to add the appropriate ISBN to get to a specific title’s page:

The addition of {sku} for titles will simply plug in the ISBN to that base URL to link to a specific title. So, the Buy buttons in campaigns will link directly to the appropriate title on your own website, making it easy to buy.

See details here to create your own title-specific Custom URL.

Add the URLs for your Contact Us page, a good launching page for browsing of your website, and your Search page. You’ll just want to be sure that your customers aren’t clicking on dead links or landing somewhere unexpected, of course.

In the final settings section, Recommendation Defaults, you’ll want to simply make sure the Email selection is checked. The Phone and No Contact Info selections are there for future potential developments: