Customer App

We are currently developing a customer-facing site within Edelweiss360. The idea is that, eventually, your customers can visit your store’s landing page, either by clicking a link in a 360 campaign or by visiting your unique URL — and complete a purchase, browse staff picks, create their own shelves, share wishlists, keep up with your events, and more.

Much of this is available for you to take advantage of now. In your Preferences, you’ll find various relevant settings.

Under Email Template Settings, you’ll find Titles Link to Customer 360, which can be turned ON or OFF.

If you turn it off, customers will be taken straight to your website when they click on a title you’ve included in a campaign.

If you turn it on, they’ll be directed to the customer app where they will see more information about the title including related books, top sellers on the same shelves, publisher’s description, and more.

At this time, if a customer clicks Bag to purchase a title, they will still be taken to your website to complete their purchase.

Soon, however, you’ll have the option of allowing purchases in Edelweiss360. A full order management tool is in the works.

If your store is using the customer app now, you can find many customization options in your Preferences under Customer App Settings and Customer App Content.

Customer app settings:

Hover over the question mark associated with a particular setting for an explanation of what the setting does.

‘Browse Shelves’ page is visible:

If the Browse Shelves setting is on, this page will be visible to your customers.

Customers can purchase in the app:

For the time being, this setting should be turned off.

Email To Receive Paypal Orders:

For now, no need to enter anything here either.

Header Logo:

Customer App Content:

Again, you can hover over the question marks for explanations.

To give you a visual, store messages appear here and look like this: