Set Up Your Edelweiss360 Defaults and Preferences

You can find your Edelweiss360 Preferences here:

The first thing you’ll see is space to set the default delivery frequency for your Recommendation Emails:

You can send Recommendation emails as often as you like.

It’s probably safe to say that no one wants a daily email from anybody, no mater how much they love your store, but Daily is an option. The Never (Manual) option will not send anything out automatically, but only when you say so, and on a customer-by-customer basic. For automatic Weekly you’ll want to select a day of the week that makes the most sense to you. Monthly will ask you to select a day of the month:

Keep in mind that if you haven’t created recommendations for a customer, they won’t receive an email when the system loops through to send your Queue. Only those customers with Recommendations (whether events, titles, or collections) will receive an email. The frequency you set may very well be based more on how much time you have to devote to generating recommendations than anything else. The automated recommendation tool is disabled when your account is in Test mode:

The Phone and text mechanisms are upcoming features. This setting will determine the preferred methods of communication once those tools are in place.

The Suggest for those with: option allows you to generate recommendations for users for whom you only have an email address, a phone number, or even for those for whom you have no contact information. For now, you’ll want to be sure to have the Email box checked.

Coming Soon, you can add your logo and splash page. For now, we will do this for you!

Your Contact Information can be added here, as well:

This (pretty important) information will be added to your outgoing emails.  This is an example of how this will be presented:

The Links portion here is super important:

We’ll help you, initially, getting these links set up correctly, but you’ll mostly just want to use your website as your guide. We’ll continue to use the great Bookworm of Edwards for the examples here. Basically, you can go to your site and just view a title to see how your site lists titles. It will be/should be the same for all your titles (hopefully!). So, like in the example below, you’ll have a “base url” to which you simply need to add the appropriate ISBN to get to a specific title’s page:

The addition of {sku} for titles will simply plug in the ISBN to that base URL to link to a specific title. So the cover images in the Recommendations emails will link directly to the appropriate title on your own website, making it easy to buy.

This is the same for your Events although with the addition of {eventKey} to your “base url” for your events page.

Add the URL’s for your Contact Us page, a good launching page for browsing of your website, and your Search page. You’ll just want to be sure that your customers aren’t clicking on dead links or landing somewhere unexpected, of course.