How Does Edelweiss360 Work?

Edelweiss Analytics subscribers send a daily file that includes their sales and current inventory, which are then fed into the various charts and graphs in Edelweiss Analytics. Edelweiss360 requires a supplemental feed that includes customer data for full functionality.

This data is used in Edelweiss360 to help you create targeted emails to send to your customers as often as you choose. With the targeting power of 360, you’re able to pinpoint the most likely-to-be-interested recipients, based on their purchase histories, of each campaign you create, enabling you to share the right store offerings with the right customers.

Of course, if targeted marketing isn’t what you’re after or you don’t track individual customer purchases, you can send a campaign to your entire list of customers or to any sub-group you choose.

There are multiple ways to quickly create attractive campaigns, from your most-ordered frontlist titles, your bestsellers by section, soon-to-be-released titles in a particular genre, gift ideas, staff reviews, personalized collections, upcoming events, and more. Every email is personalized with your logo, store hours, and contact information, and can include a custom message full of links and images, customizable headers and buy buttons, and more.

Because Edelweiss360 pulls title data (including cover images and descriptions!) straight from Edelweiss catalogs, campaign creation is quick and easy.

Customers who receive a campaign can click on a title or select the Buy button shown above to learn more and make a purchase from whichever e-commerce site your store uses.

You completely control the frequency and the content of emails that go out to your customers. (Note that your customer emails are not shared with any third parties).

Once you’ve sent a campaign, track how many of your emails convert to sales!