Building a Campaign in Edelweiss360

The Campaign Builder is designed to help you easily construct a comprehensive communication to your customers, tailored to customer interests or in conjunction with any of your existing store campaigns, such as summer reading, holiday fliers, book groups, etc.

With the Campaign Builder, you can:

  • Add similar titles, events and/or collections to a single, store-branded email for your customers
  • Add customer ‘filters’ to identify the specific customers to email the campaign to– based off section/department purchases, tags you’ve applied to your customers, comp title purchases and/or individual customers
  • Add a custom email ‘Subject’ and ‘Message’ for the campaign to tailor your message even further
  • Preview and/or send the email to your customers and view the results (click-rates, conversions, etc.)

You can add any title, event, or collection to a campaign by clicking the ‘Add to Campaign’ button at the top of each detail page– and manage the campaign (set customer filters, view the preview, etc.) from the Campaign Builder section on the 360 home page. We’ll walk through building a sample campaign below:

Let’s take a well-known author’s soon-to-be-released (at the time of the writing of these instructions, that is) title and build a campaign around gathering pre-orders for that title, as well as selling as much of their backlist as we can.

When you click into a title or event, you’ll see “Add to Campaign” listed at the top of the detail page:

You’ll be able to choose from existing Campaigns, if you have any, or create a new Campaign:

You’ll be able to name your Campaign whatever you wish:

Note that the Campaign Name will only be visible to you. You’ll be able to add a customer-facing Subject Line later on.

That Campaign will be visible here:

Since this is, in essence, a backlist Campaign, let’s make sure the comps for The Fifth Risk are comprehensive. Click into that title again, and click into the Comparable Works:

Add and/or remove comps as you wish to create a complete list of likely titles/purchasers/etc.

For this particular campaign, we want to add at least a few of these backlist titles as well. For now, you’ll just need to do a title search for them and Add to Campaign that way. Or, of course, you could create a Michael Lewis Collection featuring his backlist, and include that Collection in your campaign. It’s up to you!

Note that if you have Edelweiss360 access, you’ll see an “Add to Campaign” button in a title listing in Edelweiss+ itself:

You’ll be able to add a title to or remove from a Campaign, see how many Active Campaigns in which a title is included, and even create a new campaign, right there in an Edelweiss+ catalog!

So now in this example, we now have 6 items added to this campaign. We have the titles– now let’s add some likely customers:


Click on the title of your campaign to get here:

From here you can add more titles, add events (do you have upcoming events that might be of interest to readers of Michael Lewis?), or Collections. Once you have all the content squared away, let’s add some customers to this campaign.


As you can see, there are a number of options. The most obvious one, probably, is just checking that box next to “All Who’ve Purchased Comps” to grab those customers who have already displayed their interest with their wallets, so to speak. Here, we’ll also add people who have purchased titles from your Politics/Current Events section and customers Tagged with “Politics.” (See how to Tag customers here.) We’ll also exclude any of your customers that have received a campaign email in the last 2 weeks:

You can override that exclusion for specific people (your employees, specific super-fan customers, etc.) by adding them in the Individual Customers field.

Note that you can also add these titles to emails for your customers with “pending recommendations.”

You can also change the order of titles in your email. Click the sort button and you’ll be able to simply drag and drop titles, Collections, and Events in the order that you please.

Now we have a pretty solid campaign, let’s take a look at how the email will appear for its recipients by clicking the “Preview / Send with Custom Subject and Message” button at the top of the screen. You can add a custom Subject Line and Message for this campaign, as well as customize different elements of your email (See details about setting default preferences for your emails here).

Learn all about Campaign Title Blurbs here.


The Titles Section Header refers to this verbiage here:

The ‘Buy’ Button Label refers to this button under each title:

The ‘Pre-Order’ Title Button Label adds whatever label you like to titles that have not yet been published — “Preorder” or “Reserve Your Copy” or whatever you like!

The Email Splash Image can be whatever you think will make this email pop for your customers. A picture of these titles on your shelf, a hauntingly beautiful snowy night image of your store, your staff yucking it up, or just you alone eating a family-size shrimp cocktail… the choice is yours.

Once you’re happy, you can send yourself a preview email, schedule to send it later, or send it right out to your customers:

Clicking Schedule to send later allows you to pick a date and time:

Your timezone is set according to your browser settings.

If you need to delete or rename your campaign, just hover over the Status:

You can also View or even Copy your previous campaigns by clicking in here:

Copying a Campaign will allow you to reuse the titles, collections, events, blurbs, etc. You’ll just need to select the desired customer emails. You can also delete, copy, or rename any Active Campaigns here: