Edelweiss360 Collaborative Consumer Marketing (CCM) Program

The Collaborative Consumer Marketing Program (CCM) is designed to help publishers get their titles in front of loyal indie bookstore customers and support independent booksellers by sponsoring (with money!) placement in these store-branded email campaigns.

In Edelweiss360, you create targeted email campaigns to send to your customers in a matter of minutes. You choose the titles to include in your campaigns and target your customer lists based on purchases by section, author, series, etc., or by tagged lists that you maintain. Edelweiss360 tracks and presents you with open, click, and, where possible, actual conversion (purchase) rates for the campaigns.

With the CCM program, publishers can compensate you for including their selected titles in your campaigns– and pay based on how many customers receive the campaigns, the relative focus on their titles in your campaign, and the quality of the email lists. The cost to the publisher is calculated based on CPM, also called cost per thousand, a commonly used measurement in advertising. CPM is the cost a publisher pays per one thousand email recipients of a campaign. The Edelweiss360 CPM for the beta period starts at $20 and reflects a campaign with a single title sent just to your loyalty program members – and targeted towards a relevant subset of those loyalty program members. As a campaign features more titles, is sent to more non-loyalty program customers and/or is less targeted, the CPM per title decreases according to a set algorithm calculated by the application.

Publishers may choose to ‘boost’ the CPM for individual titles in order to offer booksellers additional incentive to include those particular titles in campaigns.

Titles from publishers participating in the program are noted wherever the title is displayed in an Edelweiss360 lane with a $ burst icon. Burst icons with a dollar sign indicate that the title fee is the standard rate.

Burst icons with a number plus an ‘X’ indicate titles with a marketing ‘boost’—and the number is the multiplier above the standard rate. In this case, a title with a ‘3X’ in the burst icon has a starting CPM rate of $60, or 3 times the standard $20 rate. Publishers are very excited about these titles and are willing to pay out to get them in front of the eyes of your best customers. It’s a win for everyone.

You can browse a list of CCM titles in the Publisher Boosts lane on the 360 homepage:

*If the Publisher Boosts lane is not visible on your 360 homepage, please email 360support@abovethetreeline.com! 

Can’t find CCM titles that fit well with your campaign, or don’t feel like looking? You can also find relevant boosted titles after you’ve put together a list of titles to share with your customers, using this button:

When you’re working on an Edelweiss360 campaign, you’ll see bursts on any titles for which publishers are offering compensation and the monetary total you will receive:

To see more details about the calculation, just click on the “CCM Income” heading:

It’s worth clarifying that adding more titles to your email “dilutes” that email (from the publisher perspective) and usually earns you less pay for that email.

Publishers will receive an invoice each month with aggregated totals for all sent campaigns from all stores. They will pay Above the Treeline, and we will pass those earnings along to each store. All you have to do is send your emails! Hopefully, a good, targeted email will result in sales for your store as well as some CCM funds from a grateful publisher.

Keep track of your earned CCM funds, both large and modest, by clicking the link icon in Edelweiss360:

You can also see an overview of earnings on your 360 homepage:

CCM funds are now paid out monthly via Stripe. Learn more here!