Creating a Custom Ecommerce URL in 360

While you can be sure that the titles in your email go to your ecommerce website by setting your Defaults and Preferences, you may want to override that every now and then to send your customers to a different page. Or, you may have a website that uses a different or less orthodox method for title listings. For those occasions or those stores, there is an easy way to create a custom URL for a title.

Click in to the detail page for the title in question:

You’ll see the URL for this title based on your Default Settings. Click the Edit button to change it:

Add a valid URL and Save it. Now when this title is added to a Campaign or recommendation email, customers will be directed to this custom URL. Of course, if this is a temporary redirect, you can always update the URL. Click in to Edit again, and “Delete” that custom URL. Your default settings will then take over again.