Adding Titles to Campaigns or Events via Edelweiss

You can add any title(s) to a campaign or event from its listing in Edelweiss. Save time by creating campaigns during the buying process!

Adding a Single Title to a Campaign or Event:

If you have Edelweiss360 access, you’ll see an “Add to Campaign” and “Add to Event” button on every title listing in Edelweiss itself:

Click on the Campaign button to add a title to a campaign — or even create a new campaign — right there in an Edelweiss catalog:

Click the Event button to add a title to an active event:

You can also see how many Active Campaigns a title has been added to from the catalog view:

Adding Multiple Titles to a Campaign:

If there are multiple titles you want to add to the same campaign(s), this is a simple process as well!

In a catalog or title list, mark off the titles you want to include by selecting the checkmark associated with each title. Next, select Other Actions at the top of the page and click Add to Campaign:

Select the campaign(s) you want to add them to (or create a new campaign), and click Add:

Complete instructions on creating a campaign in 360 can be found here. Learn how to create an event here.