How Does Edelweiss360 Work?

Edelweiss+Analytics subscribers currently send a daily file that includes their sales and current inventory, which are, of course, then fed in to the various charts and graphs in Edelweiss. Edelweiss360 will require a supplemental feed that includes customer data. This data will be used in Edelweiss360 to help you create dynamic, personalized recommendation emails sent to your customers as often as you choose. You’ll be able to market events to relevant customers, alert them to upcoming titles they’re likely to find personally relevant, as well as provide insight in to your stores offerings that are pertinent to their interests.

You have control over what goes out to your customers, of course, but your level of involvement is really up to you. Every email is personalized and branded as coming from your store.

Customers can click on a title to learn more and order if they’d like, of course.

You control the frequency and the content of emails that go to your customers. (Note that your customer emails are not shared with any third parties.)

Regardless of whether customers order online or in the store, you can track how many of your recommendations convert to sales!

customer profile

There are multiple ways to generate recommendations, from your Most-Ordered frontlist titles, your best sellers by section, staff reviews, tagged titles, personalized collections, your stock level, and more. These are all matched with your customers’ purchase history to create a unique set of recommendations that are sent out in an attractive and simple email branded for your store. Imagine being able to send a selection of brand new books about golf, a locally-written civil war history, and your staff’s favorite science titles to one group of relevant customers at the same time you send a selection of graphic novels, science fiction and dog humor books to another, all pretty much at the click of a button.

One thing to consider while generating recommendations is the personality of your store. The titles you recommend should, of course, be in keeping with that personality, although it’s fair to say that your customers may very well view that personality in different ways. The person who mostly just buys titles for their toddler will see your store differently than the customer who only purchases literary fiction from small presses. Both keep your doors open, and creating these personalized Recommendation Queues based on their interests can be a great way to make them feel like your store is their store.