Reading the Genre Assessment Pages

The Genre Assessment pages show 2 pages for each of the 4 Shelf Report Measures. You’ll see a listing of all the genres in three different major categories: Adult Nonfiction, Adult Fiction, and Youth.

The first page for each Measure will look like so:

Note that the gray dots indicate the market average for that genre, and your own value is represented by the colored dots. The legend along the bottom of the image shows what the colors of those dots mean, whether average, above, or below. Click on the name of a genre to jump right to the relevant Genre Detail page to dive in even deeper and find specifically what’s going right and/or wrong in that genre of titles. The nice thing about this page is the ability to quickly scan all the genres and see where you’re strongest and weakest at a glance.

The second page for each measure will show a different sort of summary view that groups each genre according to its relative performance, grouping together genres that are average, above average, etc.

In the example above, this store has below average turns for most of their genres (they probably should just do some returns to fix that…) The same store’s Hit Rate Summary tells a similar story, in that there are a lot of titles on the shelves in which their customers are simply not interested.

 Again, simply click on a genre to dive in to its Genre Detail Page to see what, precisely, is happening and how you can fix it!