Mass Tagging Customers

On the Customers page, you can filter your customer list by various parameters.

The Purchase Time Range allows you to pull a list of customers who purchased items within a specific time frame, whether within the last year, during last year’s holiday season, etc.

Contact Information allows you to parse your customer list according to the sort of contact data you have on file for them. Generally, Email should be selected.

Sections / Departments Purchased may be what you’ll use the most. This will pull all of your customers who have purchased from a specific section (or department) within the selected timeframe. For example, you can generate a list of all customers who have purchased gardening titles in the last few years so you can send them a targeted gardening campaign, for example.

Tags allow you to view all the customers you’ve tagged with a specific keyword. Lit Fic, Small Kids, YA Titles, Cookbooks, Reading Group, etc. would be good sorts of folks to target.

After you Run the list, you’ll see the list of customers that fit your parameters, as well as their first and last purchases and any existing Customer Tags.

One of the most useful things you can do here is apply a Tag to a whole mass of customers all at once. Once you’ve made a selection of customers, you can add (or remove) a Tag:

For this specific list of customers we’ve produced, a simple Cookbook tag would be very helpful and sensible. Of course, a customer can have multiple Customer Tags.

Once tagged, you can quickly add those customers as recipients of a campaign: