Location Comparison, Reading the Graph

As discussed here, the Location Comparison lane is designed to show you titles owned by one location, but not another, and how those titles are performing.


See details here about setting your filters and parameters for this graph. Basically, the top left Location filter is the “baseline” location, the one against which the other locations are compared. The location selector filter found in the drop down menu in the middle top of the lane is the location whose unique titles you’re hoping to see. So in the image above, we’re seeing titles that are owned by the South branch, and not owned by the East branch. The resulting pie graph shows how those titles are performing at the South branch. This can help facilitate a more targeted and planned inventory distribution between your store locations.

As a somewhat random example, you can easily create a saved filter for “Kids Halloween” titles and check which of that type of title are located at one of your shops but not another, and then decide which to move, if any.

Click the “View Title in Grid” link in the upper right to get to the Title Detail list to see more details about each title.

From here, the easiest thing to do is to simply export the list using the Other Actions menu: