Category Performance Comparison-Temporary Category Filters

You can view your inventory through a few different ‘lenses.’ The most obvious would be your own categories, listed under “Internal System.” This references the categories Edelweiss Analytics receives via the feed from your Point-of-Sale system. You can also use BISAC (or BIC in the UK), Dewey, Age, Media Type (format), etc. Most of that information, like format, Age, BIC (or BISAC) subject, etc. are all provided within the publishers’ metadata for each title. So, regardless of how you classify a title in your store, you can still see how your stock is portioned out according to, for example, Fiction genres:


Or you can even see how, for example, which ‘sub-genres’ of Mystery titles you tend to stock and sell the best, or worst. To do so, in the image above you would simply click on Mystery & Detective to open that category.


Note that this creates a “Temporary Filter” that is applied to your other Analytics Lanes. So, you can dive in to your mysteries and immediately research what you might be missing, what could/should be returned, upcoming titles, etc. For example, your Most Popular Titles lane will now display Mystery & Detective titles, as will the Not Yet Released Stock Analysis lane, and, helpfully, the lane, which will help you find good candidates for return pulls.


You can also get more detail about the performance and such for these categories. By clicking “Open Category Summary Report.”