What Does It Cost?

Edelweiss Analytics has two distinct subscription levels, Basecamp and Summit. You can see a discussion of the difference between the two levels here, or see a bit about each here.

Note that you’ll need a POS system that is able to provide data to our required specifications. Details here.

Basecamp, which essentially feeds your POS data in to the Comp Titles area of Edelweiss and greatly speeds up the buying process costs a flat fee of $26/month/store.

Register for Basecamp here.


The Summit subscription level provides the Basecamp features along with a whole suite of tools designed to help you optimize your inventory. You can see a thorough breakdown of all those tools here.

This level is priced on a sliding scale based on gross annual sales. Basically, stores that carry more and sell more send us more data to process, store, and display.

You can see a breakdown of that sliding scale below:

Retail Summit Tier Pricing

Annual RevenueMonthly Subscription Rate effective April 1, 2024
< $500K$52
$500K -$750K$78
$750K -$1M$104
$1M -$2M$130
$9M -$15M$364
$15M -$25M$468
$25M ++$624

These prices are per month, per store.

So, a company with 2 locations, one that grosses at $400,000/year and another at $1.7 million/year will pay $52/month for the smaller store and $130/month for the larger store, or $182/month.

Register for Summit here.

Note that the semi-annual Shelf Report is included in your Summit subscription. If you’d like to receive the Shelf Report more often, just get in touch with us at support@abovethetreeline.com. The cost is an additional $15/month/store for quarterly reports or an additional $30/month/store for monthly Shelf Reports.