Selecting Title Blurbs for Edelweiss360 Campaigns

In the interest of customizing your email campaigns, you have multiple options for text additions to your title recommendations.

You can show a title without text, simply showing the cover image (which includes a link, of course):

Or you can add text blurbs from a variety of sources:

To get there, create your Campaign, then enter the preview mode of that campaign by clicking on the name of the campaign on the 360 homepage:

Then click in to preview this campaign email here:

You’ll see the option to edit Campaign Title Blurbs:

Each blurb option is explained below:

None: Will show no blurb, or text, with that title recommendation. If there are multiple titles in a Campaign, those with no blurbs will show underneath or at the end of the title recommendations.

Staff Review: 

These are available if one of your staff members has reviewed a title in Edelweiss. If there are multiple staff reviews for a title you’ll be able to select the very best and most suitable Staff Review to include in your Campaign:

Click “Preview” to see the full text of that review. If necessary, you can copy the text of that review from there as well.

You can also just scroll down to get a view of what a blurb will look like once selected:

The Staff member’s avatar in that view is based on the profile picture they’ve included in their Edelweiss account. To add or update that picture, they simply just need to click on their name at the top of any Edelweiss page.

Note that a Staff Review can be edited by that staff member if necessary.

Custom Blurb: 

A custom blurb is text that you add in the moment. Whether written on the spot or copied elsewhere and edited as you see fit, you can add what you like here.

The Autofill option simply grabs the publisher-supplied summary from that title’s Edelweiss listing. These can be longer than you might like for an email blurb so you can click Autofill to grab that text and then edit as you please.  Remember to save your work!

Publisher Supplied:

Publishers have the opportunity to add blurbs created by their own marketing departments for your use. These may be sparse to begin with as more and more publishers get on board, but you’ll see more and more available as time goes by. You can edit a Publisher Supplied blurb if you like, although doing so will change the blurb-type to Custom. That doesn’t change how the title looks like in your email, of course.