Email Stats in Edelweiss360

The open, click, and unsubscribe rates for your campaign give a picture of how your emails are being received by your customers.

The average open rate for retailers is about 11-15% with a 2-7.5% click-through rate. You’ll notice variation across all of your campaigns as some types of customers may be more responsive than others. Consider larger trends. If your email campaigns tend to perform lower than that average, try best practices such as improving your subject lines, “From” email addresses, or sending your emails at another time.

  • Deliveries: The number of people to whom your email was sent.
  • Opens: Shows the number of unique opened emails and measures the percentage of emails opened compared to sent.
  • Clicks: Shows the number of people who clicked on a link within an email and the percentage of unique clicks compared against the unique number of opens.
  • Conversions: Shows the number of people who received this email and purchased one of the titles featured in that email.
  • Halos: Titles purchased at the same time as the Conversion purchase.
  • P-10: The number of purchases made by those emailed customers within 10 days. (Note: not all purchases are necessarily tied to this email, but if someone received and opened an email and then a day later purchased that title that’s a lovely coincidence!)
  • Unsubscribes: Shows the number of people who elected to no longer receive future emails.