Adding Collections to Campaigns

In Edelweiss+, a Collection is, more or less, a custom catalog. You can add titles to a Collection and use it as you see fit, whether to share with customers, print out for in-store flyers, share with your staff, etc. Details about using Collections in Edelweiss+ can be found here.

In Edelweiss360, you can add Collections to your campaigns. They will appear with an image and, of course, a link to the Collection you’ve added. Collections make it nice and easy for your customers to browse titles in a curated list that are related in some way to those you’ve already highlighted in your campaign.

We recommend adding a cover image to your Collection to catch your customer’s eye and improve the overall professional look of your campaign.

See instructions here!

There are a few ways to find your Collections within Edelweiss360.

On the left-hand side of your homepage, you can search for the Collection as shown below.

Click on the Collection to add it to a campaign.

You can also search for and add a Collection within the campaign builder itself.

Finally, at the bottom of your 360 homepage, you’ll see a lane of any Collections you’ve created. Again, just click on the Collection you’d like to add to a campaign and find the Add to Campaign button!

Your Collection will be displayed as shown below once you’ve added it to a campaign.

Note that in the Collection detail window, you can reorder the titles, edit the description of the Collection, and open a preview of what your customers will see.

Customer view, complete with links to purchase:

The View button will open a sidebar with more information about a title:

The Buy button will take your customer directly to the title’s listing on your website!