Adding Collections to Your 360 Campaigns

In Edelweiss, a Collection is a custom catalog. You can add basically whatever you like to a Collection and use it as you see fit, whether to share with customers, print out in-store flyers, share with your staff, etc. Details about using Collections in Edelweiss can be found here.

In Edelweiss360, you can add custom Collections to your campaigns, which appear as an image with a link in your campaigns. Some likely sorts of uses here would be to send a Collection of titles to a school in preparation for a book fair, or to a corporate account, including a specific staff member’s picks, pre-order campaigns, etc. to make it nice and easy for your customers to select titles to purchase from a curated list. The email they receive is branded to your store and serves as an easy, attractive list. Or, of course, it can just be a collection for your regular customers to peruse of titles similar to those you’ve already highlighted in your campaign.

To make sure that your list comes through attractive and professional, you’ll want to be sure to add a cover image to your Collection.

See directions here.

In Edelweiss360, search for one of your Collections here:

Once you find one you’ll be able to quickly add it to a Campaign.

Or you can add it from the Campaign builder itself:

In an email, a Collection will be presented as a link they can click:

That link will take them to a page that presents all the titles in the Collection, complete with the ability to view more information or to purchase.

Clicking “View” will open a side bar that provides more information about the title:

The Buy button will take your customer directly to that title’s page on your website, where they can purchase the title.