About the Restock Support Lane

The basic premise behind this tool is to show the status of titles you’ve recently sold. So, you can see a list of all the titles you’ve sold in, say, the last week, and see whether they’ve been re-ordered yet or not, if they’re relatively stagnant because of a large on hand quantity, etc.  POS systems often do such things well, but this is a nice backup. We’ve heard from many users that since they don’t necessarily have their POS systems available at home, this tool helps them get work done on stock offers and such more efficiently. You can, of course, filter this list as usual by publisher, pub date, category, etc.

Many of the tools in Edelweiss Analytics focus on what you’re missing, what to return, and what is coming that you should pay attention to. Restock Support focuses exclusively on what you’re selling right now. One could argue, quite easily, that this is the most important book demographic in your store. In the spirit of the “Carry more of what people are buying” ethos, you can see a pretty immediate list of what’s moving, what people are walking out of your store with, what displays are working best, trends… micro-trends.

When you view a title grid, you’ll see your own history with a recently sold title, as well as market data. This can help you more intelligently re-order (or not) those titles. If you can see that the book that languished on your shelf for three years before finally selling (yay) is not selling elsewhere either, you can confidently not re-order that title. Conversely, you can see that not only have you sold 15 copies of something in the last week, but it’s also selling like hotcakes all around the rest of the market. Order more! Soon! Are the wholesalers running low? Order even more!