About the Most Popular Titles Lane

This tool is designed to show you the most popular titles in your market, how you’re stocked with those titles, as well as how those titles are performing in your shop. You’ll be able to see which are the current best-selling titles. At that point, stocking them or not is up to you, of course, but if you choose not to stock them, that is indeed a choice, and not because you simply missed them.

That brings up a point that we always try to emphasize: We consider Analytics to be a descriptive, rather than a prescriptive tool.  We’ll show you what’s going on, but we don’t tell you what to do, so to speak. You know what sells in your shop better than anyone, but making those decisions with as much information as possible can only be a helpful thing.

This tool gathers an aggregated list of titles in the market you’ve selected. You choose how many titles you want to see, as well as the time frame for the tool to use. If you’d like to see what’s “hot” right this minute, you can set a time frame of a month. If you’d like a longer view, you can looks at activity for the last 6 or 12 months.


The tool will take these parameters you’ve set, and portion the resulting list of titles according to your shop’s own performance, based on the Shelf Days number for each title. So you can see, for example, of the top 100 selling titles across your market, what you have in stock, what’s doing well, and what’s not doing so well. It can be interesting to see that a title might be doing incredibly well across the market but languishing in your shop. This could be because it’s just not the sort of title that does well with your customers, or it could be a very simple display issue, both of which can be quite illuminating. And which of the top-selling titles are you not stocking? Is this because you don’t want to stock them, or because you didn’t know they existed? If it’s because you’ve decided to not stock them…this is an opportunity to reevaluate this decision.