The integration of the Edelweiss+ digital catalog platform with store POS analytics enables some really helpful tools around ordering. You can easily see which titles are popular at other bookshops that you don't have and which pre-publication titles are being ordered by other stores. Not only does this save valuable time, but it can help make sure you never miss a title that would sell well at your shop!

Most Popular Titles

This tool is designed to show you the most popular titles in your market, how you’re stocked with those titles, and how those titles are performing in your shop. From here, you can determine if they'd work for your shop and easily add them to an order. More here.

most pop

Not Yet Released Titles

This tool leverages aggregated data from other stores to create a cheat sheet of titles that have not yet been published. These titles have no sales history yet but they do have on-order information. You can easily filter to see the most-ordered titles in any category. More here.

not yet released

Learn more about creating, sharing, and exporting orders here.