Using Matched Tags in Edelweiss360

The Tags you’ve created in Edelweiss will show in Edelweiss360. As you tag titles in 360, you’ll also be able to see those in Edelweiss (and EdelweissAnalytics). Using Tags in Edelwiess360, you can match title tags to Customer Tags to easily queue recommendations for a specific group or customers.

Tag a customer here:

A Customer Tag could be any sort of helpful thing you like. Hiking Books, Wine-Fueled Reading Group, Event Attender, Loves Books About Hats, Translated Literary Fiction… Basically, if you’d like to be able to target specific sorts of title recommendations to specific sorts or groups of customers, this will help. Tag your relevant customers however you wish and then tag relevant titles with that tag to create Matched Tags.

This Customer was given a lit fic tag, indicating that they enjoy literary fiction. A title with that same tag will show a Matched Tag, making it nice and easy to add that title as a recommendation for those customers with the same tag.

Click on that Matched Tags bubble to see all the customers with that Tag (one in this example), and easily add this title to their Queue.