Create Edelweiss360 Recommendations by Item

Really, the whole point of Edelweiss360 is to get good books in front of the eyes of your customers, whatever their reading preferences. The idea is to use their purchasing history to send them short, targeted lists of titles they’re most likely to buy. Sending lists of political thrillers to people who buy political thrillers and not to people who only buy barbecue cookbooks just makes sense…especially when those “pit masters” get their own personalized lists too! You can work through likely titles and create a Queue, which will send personalized emails to your customers at the frequency you select. See details here about setting this up.

One thing to consider while generating recommendations is the personality of your store. The titles you recommend should, of course, be in keeping with that personality, although it’s fair to say that your customers may very well view that personality in different ways. The person who mostly just buys titles for their toddler will see your store differently than the customer who only purchases literary fiction from small presses. Both keep your doors open, and creating these personalized Recommendation Queues based on their interests can be a great way to make them feel like your store is their store.

One of the more powerful uses of your Recommendations Queue is to generate pre-orders. If you include Not-Yet-Published titles, the email your customers receive will show a Pre-Order button.

Just making it super easy for your customers to place pre-orders for titles they likely don’t even know are coming yet is a simple and powerful tool to help you capture those sales.

Following is how to use Edelweiss360 to create rich lists of title recommendations to send out to your customers:

You’ll see a number of tools designed to help you find likely titles to target.

  • Your Most Ordered, Not-Yet-Published Titles
  • Your Titles with the Most Copies in Stock
  • Your Best Selling Recently published Titles
  • Positive Staff Reviews
  • Search by Section and Title, etc.

The purpose behind most of these options are to help you find those titles that you have in greater quantities, presumably the titles about which you’re most excited, or that are really moving well for you already. Each of these titles will be connected to a varying number of comparable titles and your customers’ purchases of those titles. For example, this sample store has a pretty hefty 48 copies of Down River:

Clicking on that cover will bring up details about that title, including the number of comparable titles, the number of customers that have purchased those comparable titles, as well as the number of customers that have purchased titles from the same store category. You can build your recommendations as you see fit using these purchase histories.  (placeholder image)

Click on Comparable Works to see the 7 titles listed. You’ll see both 1st and 2nd tier comparable works.


1st tier comparable works are titles that are listed as Comparable Titles in Edelweiss (publisher and sales rep comps, as well as any you may have added). The 2nd tier comparable works are titles that are listed as comparable titles for the 1st tier comps in Edelweiss. This allows for a broader reach of titles, meaning that more customers who are likely to find Down River interesting will see that title in one of the recommendations emails. Note that you can always add any other title that you think makes a good fit as well:

Adding a new Comparable Work title also adds the relevant 2nd tier titles, and so expand the list of likely interested customers even more:

You can also remove comps that don’t appear to match or work for your needs by clicking on the entry:

Once you’ve settled on a good mix of comps, you can generate your recommendations. The numbers shown here represent the number of your customers who have purchased any of these comparable works (lifetime purchases). Click on that bubble to see a list of those 337 customers.

You can scroll through and select only those customers you want to see this title in their Recommendations email, or (more likely) you can select them all. Note that you can change the purchase threshold here, too. If you feel that a customer buying one of these titles is enough to trigger a recommendation for this great new title,  then leave that Minimum Purchases option set to 1.

In this example, we’ll select all 337 customers, which generates a Queued Recommendation:

Note that this action adds this title to an email for these customers Each of these customers will be getting a slightly different email, depending on their past purchases. It could include this title along with a kids book, a travel guide, and a new literary fiction title, based on their own purchase history.


The Section Purchases option grabs all the customers who have purchased a title from this main title’s store section in the last 9 months.  In this case, this title is listed in this store’s Nature section (category code: NA). So, all the customers who have purchased a title from their Nature section will pop up here:

Click on that bubble to see a list of those customers to add this title to their queued Recommendations. Again, feel free to sift through the list of customers and pick and choose, or just select them all. Or increase the minimum purchases from this section. If they’re already selected from the Comparable Works exercise, you’ll see them pre-selected:

In this case we selected all the customers who have made at least 2 purchases from the Nature section and added this title to their Queued Recommendations for a pretty solid list of likely customers who will see this title featured in a personalized email.

You can view those customers by clicking on the Queued Recommendation bubble there. Remove any that you like, or click on a customer’s name to see details about them. You can also see a preview of what their Queued Recommendation email will look like in either an Email or Mobile format:

So, you can scroll through the different tools on the Edelweiss360 dashboard, but you can also search for a title and create Recommendations on whatever you like. Note that the search tool is limited to titles you have listed in your POS system, and therefore fed to Edelweiss via your usual daily data feed.

You’ll see the same Recommendation tools as other titles, and can use those to include likely buyers for whatever titles you like, whether backlist, seasonal local interest, Community Reads titles, staff picks, etc.

Also, search by Section to generate great lists of recommendations for buyers of a certain type. You’ll see that section’s best customers, bigger upcoming titles, etc.

When you choose a likely title, simply generate Recommendations by Section to send that title to all your customers who have purchased from this Section in the last 9 months.

See details here about generating Recommendations using Matched Tags.

Digging through on a regular basis will generate some incredibly vibrant and interesting lists of titles for your best customers, and of course serve as an easy way to re-engage “lapsed” customers.